Tuesday, November 30, 2010

OOC/IC: Shattering

OOC: Hi guys. I'm sorry for not being active recently. The newest patch and real life drama has kept me from my blog. I'm going to be starting it up again now, though! I might doing differant characters, though. If I do, it will be a rotation between all of them I'm sure. I won't let Tokarn nor any of the other guys left hanging.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

IC: Loa...?

*The page is somewhat stained from the previous entry. The ink on this page is different. It's fashioned to a dark crimson hue, rather than the usual jet black. It isn't blood.*

I feel better.

Pain still pings in my chest. The feeling of guilt has lightened, however.
Malakoda still wants to consider me a friend. I am grateful.

--- *A thick dash*---

There was rumors of an attack on Razor hill. Many gathered, but no large opposing force 
showed up. Chieftain Hranu mentioned taking the fight to Darnasses. I could not travel 
so far, given the duties I already had.

I acted upon my curiosity for the Loa. It took me to meet Miss Erzulie. She is a kind-
hearted woman. I enjoy her company. Shavai was also there.

They spoke of the history of the Zandalar tribe along with stories of the Loa named
Anansi, and the one named Damballa. Both piqued my interest, as did the mention of
the Loa who goes by Lukou.

Lukou. I need to find out more about her. 
Ancestors grant me the privledge to gain wisdom in these troubling times.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

IC: Malakoda

*The first part of the entry is in letter format, written word for word off a letter Tokarn has on person.*

To: Tokarn Stormtide
From: Malakoda Two-Crows 

*Several tear drops stain the paper from here on. The writing is contorted a bit.* 

I don't know what to say. I can't feel myself to speak over the talisman.

I can't find it in myself to reply to the letter, or even get in contact with him.
Malakoda, I'm truly sorry. Why could we have not talked about this? I did not
mean to bother you so much. I'm sorry, Malakoda.

*A break*

I can't find the strength to head into The Bluff tonight. An attack is curtain to happen.
It hurts. I need rest. I need Malakoda. I-- *Illegible writing distorted by tear stains*,

What am I to do, now?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

OOC: Burning Tusk Tribe Cookout!

   Tokarn and Vin'jin ended up earning praise from the tribal dancers on Echo Isles last evening after having planted crops on the isle, and in return they were granted the opportunity to use the village's largest hut for whatever they wished for that same evening.

    The two decided to cook up a cookout for the Burning Tusk Tribe.
Being late as it was, it's was quite a surprise with just how many showed up!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

IC: Highlights

*A small charm made of silver and onyx seems to be fashioned into the corner of a page.*

I met Mister Ogrun a second time, today. He was with an elf who went by the name of Enien. She was a beast mistress and apparently growing an affinity for the fire spirits. 

I thought it was odd was surprised. I didn't think I'd see an elf with the ability to recieve visions, which miss Enien had only a few days prior from what I was told.

*A rough sketch of a tauren's fire-totem is done in the middle of the page, colored in green by herbs that were rubbed against the journal page.*

I decided to give her something. 

An obsidian totem I carved *Scribbling* The charm is one of two I made. They're both crafted using the remains of a volcano in Ungoro. It's a place swarming with fire spirits, and the remains they roam upon are rich in the fire spirits' blessing. 

She was thankful. That made me happy with the choice. 

Ogrun offered me to help her with a spiritual journey that she was planning on going on through mediation. I felt honored, but I had to decline. 

*His handwriting seems to lack the sharpness it had before from here on.*

I told them both if they needed me, just send word. They were thankful for that. 

I hope miss Enien's journey goes well. 


Friday, November 12, 2010

IC: Fighting

*The page is a bit water damaged, but the writing itself seems legible.*

Met Nork this afternoon, again. He seems nice- well, the fact he doesn't want to kill me is reassuring.

He needed passage to visit Khaji, who apparently was out at sea on a small isle. I wanted to talk to the troll. He said he wouldn't mind and that what he needed done shouldn't take too long.

*The next few lines are scribbled, illegible.* 

They only fought. Are they friends or are they rivals? I dunno'. Khaji made a portal for him and his friend, then left. I ditched Nork-- *Scribbling* I went back and helped Nork back to shore. This evening was a waste. 


OOC Log: Rp Outfit.

The "Normal" go-to set when RPing.
Like everyone else that RPs, or just has an interest in IC characters, I've given Tokarn an RP set.

I wanted to give him something to show he's experienced, but not a show-off. I'm not the most fond of "glowing" items other than weaponry. I suited him up with sleeveless Teir 10 and a spaulder drop from Outlands (which is a copy of a druid tier from the earlier days!).

The stave itself is also a drop from an Outland heroic dungeon. It took the better part of a month for me to get.

The overall outfit is a somewhat heavy attire, but looks like something that would be easy to maneuver in. Perfect fit for Tokarn.  It's in my favorite colors, too-- well, plus gold.